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Abigail Amundson & Matthew Denmark — Minted

Abigail Amundson


Matthew Denmark

Abigail Amundson and Matthew Denmark

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Seven years ago, Matthew moved to the city of Houston for a career opportunity, a place Abigail had lived most of her life. Their paths crossed and a deep friendship blossomed. Over five years, their connection grew stronger as they shared countless moments and experiences, navigating life's twists and turns as confidants and companions. It wasn't long before their friendship naturally transformed into a committed relationship. After a year and a half of dating, Matthew decided to take the next step. He chose the Hines Waterwall Park in Houston, Texas to propose to Abigail with an antique engagement ring, reflecting her passion for history.

Now, the couple is excited to invite you to join them in celebrating their union. Save the date for their wedding on June 15, 2024 located at Heaven on Earth Oaks in Missouri City, Texas. This beautiful, historic location surrounded by large oak trees, will set the perfect backdrop for their wedding celebration. For Matthew and Abigail, the "Four Fs" are at the heart of their wedding: Friends, Family, Flowers, and Food. With that in mind, their celebration will be a testament to the love and support they've received from their friends and family, their appreciation of nature, and their shared love for culinary experiences.

Whether you're traveling from near or far, your presence will make their wedding even more memorable. Join us as they embark on their new journey through life as husband and wife, surrounded by the people they hold most dear. Stay tuned for more details and updates as their wedding day draws near.